Texas Chainsaw 3D


How to make a 3D movie in one dimension

We’ve had sequels, prequels, next generations and remakes - it was only a matter of time before Austin’s family of incestuous amateur tree surgeons reached us in 3D.
Sadly, this leap onto the stereoscopic bandwagon marks a new low for the franchise, as far away in quality from the ’74 original as it is in years.
Heather (Alexandra Daddario) is the granddaughter driving to the Deep South to collect her inheritance: a mansion that once belonged to the Sawyer family, who are definitely all dead thanks to a pyromaniac lynch mob.
The fact that original Leatherface Gunnar Hansen gets top billing screams maybe someone survived, and his eventual appearance as “Boss” sucks logic from a timeline so full of holes you could wash your salad in it.

Heather is a teen but born in 1973? Present-day cops use iPhones as flashlights? The best way to break through automatic gates is to ram them, then reverse and wait for them to work?
It’s best to switch your head off for 90 minutes and pretend you’re watching Saw 2 with hedge trimmers.

The vague links to the original only make the whole thing uglier, and drive home the one genuine shock: Texas Chainsaw 3D producers plan to make this a seven-entry franchise. The horror. The horror. 

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    • martinsvennaes

      Jan 8th 2013, 14:12

      Spoilers, people!! I have no problem accepting the fact that a lot of reviewers and lovers of the original hate this movie. But thank God we're still entitled our own opinion. I actually liked it. I'm not really calling it a good movie (there are truly a lot of thing's which just doesn't make sense), but I like the idea of bringing focus back on family, and the fact that they turn Leatherface back into a human being instead of this mindless chainsaw-terminor. The problem however is that all though I think this is a very good idea, I don't think they've mangaed to make it into a great movie. The ending makes it worth it, but how about not using every cliche in the book next time (because there will be a next time). My personal "favourite" was when they are looking for the lost hicher, and a guy finds his backpack in a dark basement, next to a pool of still wet blood. What are the odds you'd continue down that path.... Cheap scares, but the best one among the 2000-versions.

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    • matthewbrady

      May 23rd 2014, 22:17


      This movie sucks.

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