The Babymakers


Judd Apatow bandwagon-jumping fertility comedy

Jay Chandrasekhar’s body comedy has one  foot on the slowing Judd Apatow bandwagon and the other hopping and trailing behind.
Loved-up and chemistry-free couple Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider are ready for a baby, the catch being his infertility (explained via ball-busting montage, sadly the film's funniest stretch).
Enter the high concept: Schneider builds a gang of idiots to steal his own donation from a sperm bank, a plan thwarted by the film's over-eager overcooking of every potential crisis point, from trousers-down sample-collecting to the crumpling anti-climax of the final heist.
A romcom that fumbles for heart in the gutter, and finds only glib gags.

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