The Christmas Candle


Well, it is the time of year...

Mostly notable for being the acting debut of Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle, The Christmas Candle is a festive faith-based film with two distinct target audiences: Christians and fans of the hilariously hammy.

Based on a book by Texas minister Max Lucado, it’s the earnest but undeniably flimsy story of a candle that, every 25 years, summons a miracle-granting angel to whomever lights it.

There are star names in the cast – Sylvester McCoy, John Hannah, Samantha Barks – but ultimately the film rests on Boyle, who sadly has all the acting nuance of a Speak N’ Spell.

Treat yourself this Yuletide and watch Songs Of Praise instead.

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    • vinnym1980

      Dec 9th 2013, 22:17


      Who would even consider watching this pile of turd

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