The Croods


DreamWorks’ trippy comedy about a stone age family

If the makers of The Flintstones had ever taken hallucinogenic drugs, then the result might have been something like DreamWorks’ prehistory-set 3D cartoon.

Certainly, directors Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders seem to be on something, confronting their modern Stone Age family with trippy Avatar-style jungles and bizarre hybrid creatures.

Pity the creators didn’t put as much effort into the workaday story, in which teenage daughter Eep (Emma Stone) clashes with her over-protective Dad (Nicolas Cage) on a family exodus to find a new cave.

There are some chuckles - notably when Eep goes loopy over her first pair of shoes.

But for the most part it’s Neanderthal compared to the Pixar stable.

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    • AlfredsDream098

      Mar 8th 2013, 21:31

      Thanks for the in-depth review TF. I can't even tell if you saw the film.

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    • marvinbalmaceda

      Mar 11th 2013, 22:47

      De acuerdo AlfredsDream098. Este critico seguro fue uno de los que votó a Brave como mejor película del año en los Oscar, solo porque es de Pixar, que realmente fue un fiasco dado lo mala que fue esa producción. Es decir, si una película no es de ese estudio nunca sera lo suficientemente buena para agradar a críticos como éste. ¡Que mal!.

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    • ozziesInApickle

      Mar 14th 2013, 19:42

      I think theres more information on a back of a DVD case then this "review". And why oh why does every CG film have to be compared to Pixar? Tex Avery and Disney did their own style of animation, told the type of stories they wanted to tell, yet every CG film has to be a Pixar film

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    • mmachuca01

      Mar 18th 2013, 17:56

      Don't listen to this guy, I saw it on Saturday and it's a really good movie. It's funny, it has heart and tells a really good story. If you like 3D, it's done really well too. You can appreciate the depth without being distracted.

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