The Devil's Business


A pint-sized, Pinter-ish chamber piece that could be a companion to Kill List

The second Brit horror of recent times to pit gruff gunmen against nebulous dark forces, writer/director Sean Hogan’s sober effort could be a companion to the more mercurial Kill List.

A pint-sized, Pinter-ish chamber piece, it follows two hitmen, the inexperienced Cully (excellent up-and-comer Jack Gordon) and the world-weary Pinner (Billy Clarke), on a job that gradually spirals out of their control.

Though it doesn’t quite last the distance, even at a slender 69 minutes there’s a spooky stillness to it that make the production shortcomings seem more like stylistic choices.

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    • lenakravchenko

      Aug 9th 2012, 20:20

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