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the green hornet review

A retro redux of a 1930s radio series (itself revived on ’60s TV with Bruce Lee), The Green Hornet is, as you’d expect from Michel Gondry, no conventional caped crusade.

Instead, the Eternal Sunshine man has frothed up a goofy romp redolent of Mystery Men and The Mask, with dialogue that’s not so much superhero as Superbad.

“That is the balls!” gasps star/ co-writer Seth Rogen’s über-rich Britt Reid when he first lays eyes on the gadget-filled Chrysler Imperial that Jay Chou’s ‘sidekick’ Kato has knocked up for their nocturnal crime fighting.

After all, it’s not every caper that lets its stars sing ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ en route to an ass-kicking, or that shows one typing up a resumé with ‘Masked Vigilante’ under special skills.

Committed to kook for a good chunk of its two-hour run-time, it’s only when Gondry starts kow-towing to genre conventions that ennui sets in. A frenetic third act full of explosions and car chases feels almost as redundant as a barely present Cameron Diaz (Reid’s secretary).

The Be Kind Rewind director is much better at reversing expectations, whether making Rogen’s doofus a gormless subordinate to Chou’s chop-socky whizz, or by saddling both Britt and underworld kingpin Christoph Waltz with inferiority complexes.

Yes, there are problems. Beyond some flaming debris and flying bottle-tops, the 3D scarcely impacts, while Chou’s un-fluent English cramps his innate charisma. But if you thought Ryan Reynolds had dibs on the colour green this year, think again.

Hornet may not be the bee’s knees, but it’s no bumble either.


Though tonally uneven, Hornet nonetheless works as breezy, irreverent entertainment that makes a virtue of its unlikely elements. And there’s the added buzz of James Franco’s cameo.

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    • matty2392

      Jan 15th 2011, 20:52


      agree with everything said above in your review. I found the 3D a bit pointless as well. I also wish that Christoph Waltz had more time on screen. But did you really have to put that James Franco has a cameo in the film that actually really p****d me off when I read it otherwise good review

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    • jeffamania

      Jan 30th 2011, 20:27


      Please total film............have a sense of fun!! lots of laughter...true Cameron Diaz was a waste but the movie worked...most thoughtful fun I have had in the cinema in awhile

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    • pixyx3r

      May 12th 2011, 4:10

      I was curious after reading this review so I pulled it up in HD on my DISH Network and I wasn’t disappointed. The Black Beauty speaks for itself and Kato was amazing. The HD effects really made this movie pop! I work for DISH so I like keeping an ongoing tally of which movies have to be in HD to be fully enjoyed, and The Green Hornet in HD is the way to go!

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