The Horde


A dead-on action thriller

Action films are full of soon-to - be-dead saps, so why not go one further and make them zombies?

French directors Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher have done just that, combining man-flick machismo with splattery excess.

It’s rogue cops versus gangsters in a Parisian slum until an onslaught of sprinting stiffs force both sides to work together.

As these inglourious bastards slash and shoot everything that moves, there’s no let up in pace, tension or volume.

Subtlety is admittedly the very first casualty, but when the claret’s flying with such élan, who gives a merde?

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    • trailerguy

      Sep 14th 2010, 13:59


      What is the one thing I like in a zombie movie? Zombies. That’s about it. As long as there are plenty of flesh eaters eating plenty of flesh, I’m a pretty happy bunny. Sure, story and character are good, but I don’t expect the best. If I did, I would be expecting another 28 days later of something. Thankfully, this french zombie film is a nice balance of both, well, tilting slightly more towards the flesh eating part. La Horde kicks right into high gear with its raid on what appears to be an abandoned building, the only thing we know is this band of renegade cops is going after a badass Nigerian cop killer. 20 minutes into the film and the attack of the dead begins. There’s no explanation, no exposition, just all out Zombie warfare and the cops have to team up with the criminals if they even have a chance of getting out of the building and to some sort of evacuation point. In the distance they can see the sky being lit up by explosions, its clear that something uncontrollable and serious is going down. When it comes to direction, the pair of directors certainly know what they want to deliver, the best possible zombie film. La Horde is not an understatement, as literally hundreds of zombies storm the building looking to eat what they can catch. They use quick cuts and strobe lighting to heighten the sense of panic to good effect. Its pure action at its very best. Each and every actor brings what they can to the table, whether that be playing tough or playing tougher. You should not go into this film thinking that you are going to see some Oscar gold, because that’s not what you are going to get, but you will definitely get the feeling that these guys and girl can certainly take care of themselves for the most part. The one thing you get in this film that really got me to sit up and get excited was the hand to zombie-hand combat. You rarely see anyone take on one of the walking dead bare fisted, but in this film, it’s full of it. When they run out of ammo they just star beating them to a pulp and the action is just so fast paced its hard to keep up and smashing zombie heads into a wall or fridge door can only have a positive effect of the gore loving viewer. La Horde may not be the perfect movie, far from it, but for anyone hoping that they one day make a Left 4 Dead film, this should keep them occupied until then.

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    • sevdamm

      Feb 25th 2011, 9:47

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