The Jolly Boys' Stand Up


The Jolly Boys are a gang of twentysome-thing lads who sit in the pub, dreaming up pranks. Alas, Spider (Andy Serkis) is thinking of jacking it in, due to his impending marriage to Annie (Rebecca Craig) - but best man Des (Milo Twomey), who's videoing the coming nuptials, is hatching a scheme to return Spider to Jolly Boy duties...

Shot on DV, and with the deliberate feel of a home movie, The Jolly Boys' Last Stand is an amusing look at larky laddishness. Despite lack of cash, debut writer/director Christopher Paynehandles his set-pieces well: the vain bid to join an upmarket golf club, the stag weekend debacle, a post-nuptial celebration in Trafalgar Square...

Alert to the foibles of his protagonists, Payne has fashioned some credible characters and draws convincing performances, with an enjoyable cameo from a pre-Ali G Sacha Baron Cohen.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 18th 2000

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