The King Of Marvin Gardens


A re-release of a minor-key marvel by Bob Rafelson

Unfairly overlooked amid the riches of ’70s Hollywood, this re-release of Bob Rafelson’s (Five Easy Pieces) drama confirms it as a minor-key marvel.

Rafelson regular Jack Nicholson plays against type as a depressive DJ compelled to aid the schemes of huckster brother Bruce Dern and his girlfriend (Ellen Burstyn).

It’s a sobering and soulful glimpse at the fag-end of the American Dream, its ragged rhythms given lucidity by Lazlo Kovacs’ austere photography of Atlantic City in winter and a trio of powerhouse performances.

While Dern and Burstyn provide the acting fireworks, an impressively melancholy Nicholson still steals it, notably in his bravura opening six-minute, one-take monologue.

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    • Jareth64

      May 15th 2013, 12:02

      Groovy. I'll be watching this!

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    • BenTramer

      May 16th 2013, 14:19

      I've had this on DVD for a long time but never got around to watching it. I might give it a whirl tonight.

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