The Lion King 3D


The Disney ’toon most deserving of a 3D overhaul

THE SWOOPING MAJESTY OF THAT epic intro and the wildebeest stampede that sends Simba’s dad to join Bambi’s mom are the main reasons why this 1994 fave is the Disney ’toon most deserving of a 3D overhaul. Yet there are other scenes that also benefit from the stereoscopic treatment – Scar’s ‘Be Prepared’ number with its goosestepping hyenas, or the heart-tugging moment when Mufasa returns to hammer home how much this double Oscar-winner owes to Hamlet. Well worth another look, though it’s a pity they’re saving the newly made bloopers for the upcoming Blu-ray.

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    • smellyhands

      Oct 7th 2011, 1:46

      Or an alternative review: "Looks a bit better in 3D". But seriously its one of the best Disney films. I lost count on how many times I watched this as a kid.

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    • alexr

      Oct 7th 2011, 11:20


      My favourite Disney animated movie bar none. I will PROUDLY go to see this on my own if I have to (whether my partner will want to see it is debatable)...

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    • Gav83

      Oct 9th 2011, 4:45


      When you can cheer, laugh and cry all in the space of an hour and a bit, you know you're watching something special.

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