The Little Polar Bear


Based on the kiddies' books by Dutchman Hans de Beer, The Little Polar Bear tells the story of Lars, a lovable ursine in the Arctic who befriends a baby seal called Robby. Being mates with someone lower down the food chain has its disadvantages though, and Lars has to fight his family's anti-seal prejudices with the help of his other animal friends.

Take one look at the line-drawn animation and it's immediately obvious that this isn't going to be the next Monsters, Inc - not least because the only PC the animators have employed is Political Correctness. But then that's not the point. Pitched at smaller sprogs, The Little Polar Bear combines an eco-friendly, happy-clappy message with some cuddly-cub-in-peril moments to ratchet up a cute factor that's off the scale. There's also a likeable gaggle of supporting animal crackers, our firm favourites being the suicidal lemmings.

Not a movie for anyone old enough to read this review, but the anklebiters in your family will have a grand old time.

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 11th 2003

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