The Monk


Not to be confused with the US detective comedy drama.

This French cautionary tale is based on a 1796 gothic novel about devout Capucin Ambrosio’s (Vincent Cassel)’s fall from grace.

After offering succour to a strange, masked pilgrim, Ambrosio gets bitten by an insect in his rose garden – you can probably sense a metaphor brewing here – and the succour’s soon feverishly returned.

Director Dominik Moll makes some odd style choices – like Looney Tunes-style ‘iris wipes’ – and it’s a while before Cassel fully embraces his dark side, yet his customary charisma is what seals The Monk’s redemption.

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    • FBSHarrigan

      Apr 20th 2012, 7:04

      This seems like an interesting film. There is great potential here for an excellent drama, as the source material being drawn from is extremely rich. The visual potential alone is great because of all the interpretive supernatural events and entities there are in the novel. Hopefully they can deal with the themes of the novel as well; the themes have a substantial amount about them already. At worst it will be a pretty, shallow mess. This is what happens when one only takes the visual imagery of a literary work.

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