The Most Fertile Man In Ireland


Mistaking impotence for importance, this limp Irish sex comedy would need a vat of Viagra to raise a smile, let alone anything else.

In a country with apparently ever-decreasing sperm counts, nerdy 24-year-old Belfast virgin Eamon (Kris Marshall) suddenly finds himself transformed into a super stud thanks to his able semen. A double life ensues, Eamon wooing his dream girl, the chaste Rosie (Kathy Kiera Clarke), while simultaneously reaping financial rewards from sowing his seed among the city's desperate, childless women.

Whether aiming for slapstick or sincerity, this farce fires blanks. Its attempts to stir sectarian tension into the mix - both Catholics and Protestants fight over Eamon's potential repopulation skills - are more often laughable than laugh-out-loud funny, and a flurry of wacky camera angles can't cover the cracks. This flaccid storyline might have extended to a fun short, but no amount of pumping can keep it up and running for 90-odd minutes.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 9th 2003

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