The Purge


What would happen if one night of the year you could commit any crime you wanted?

“Things like this aren’t supposed to happen in our neighbourhood!” says Ethan Hawke as masked intruders smash into his family’s house to murder the drifter his son has let inside.

But then this is America 2022, a “nation reborn” which lets its citizens ‘purge’ themselves every year with one night of random violence.

The Hunger Games-flavoured rhetoric gives a futuristic sheen to what’s really another spin on Assault On Precinct 13, with Hawke and wife Lena Headey debating whether or not to placate psycho preppie Rhys Wakefield or try and hold the fort Straw Dogs-style.

James DeMonaco’s blood-splattered thriller begins well before expiring slowly from multiple improbabilities.

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    • davensony

      May 30th 2013, 20:40

      This sounds like it would have made for a great John Carpenter film, but im betteing its just a another good premise wasted through generic studio filmmaking.

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    • Hadouken76

      Jun 1st 2013, 14:18

      I would read magazines in newsagents and then leave without paying. I'm outta control!

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    • matthewbrady

      Sep 11th 2013, 21:43


      No just no

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    • johnsakurai

      Sep 26th 2013, 9:06

      This was better than I thought it would be. With all the negative comments, I'm glad I ignored them and watched and I enjoyed it pretty much. This is more focused on what if we are in the situation and what would we do? I give this a focus on story and not on the graphics and comical story. I give this one a high rate of @@@@.5 for the story. Give this movie a go and please look on the story and not the graphics. Movie is supposed to be judge by its content not the cover anyway.

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