The Rise And Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan


Beautiful game, ugly movie

Ever wondered what an English amateur dramatics production of Goodfellas might look like?

As far back as he could remember, Mike Jacobs always wanted to be a football hooligan. Lured into the glamorous underworld of credit-card fraud by a RADA reject with a plummy accent, Mike (Nick Nevern) quickly finds himself in over his head – cueing up a never-ending montage of dodgy deals, coke sniffing and bar brawling.

Charting the boring career of a real-life yob turned international money launderer, Paul Tanter’s hackneyed, embarrassing British crime thriller is mercifully short, but still 80 minutes too long.

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    • kyle098

      Jun 21st 2012, 18:02

      Just one star?! That's a bit harsh, TF. Despite its modest budget, the film is very well made. The acting is top notch as is the directing which keeps you interested in the character's story. With any Hooligan / Gangster film, it's very easy to dislike and not care at all about what happens to the characters involved, but I thought WCH managed to keep my interest throughout and kept me wanting to know what'll happen to the lead next. I think the fact that it's based on a true crime story also helped with this. I'd recommend this film, despite Total Film's review for any fan of football films, gangster films or those looking for a good British thriller.

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    • BarkerPodcasts

      Jun 22nd 2012, 17:42


      This film obviously isn't going to appeal to everyone, but to those it does won't be disappointed. For what the film is, it's a well acted, great paced and well put together gangster/crime thriller. A Low budget film from newly founded CHATA productions see a film with passion, energy and ideas in a British film industry that has been suffering recently. The Acting is brilliant from Both Male actors. Simon Phillips has this great quality about him when acting making it seem easy and involving. Nick Nevern plays it brilliantly from comedic to nasty to sympathetic. This guy has great menace about him aswell as great comedy timings. The rest of the cast help flesh out the film Rita Ramnani bringing in some warmth and innocence to the dark seedy underground. Peter Barrett building menace and tension in his scenes, Rebecca Ferdinando going all out as the s**tty party girl and Billy Murray who brings his sinister gaze to screen. A Fulfilling 80 mins which hit he right notes with it's audience. Director and Writer Paul Tanter should be proud of taking a true story and creating an entertaining story to it. This makes me believe that British Cinema is still on the Up.

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    • ReeceT1000

      Jun 23rd 2012, 0:14


      Couldn't disagree more. The replies above are obviously from those involved or friends. The manner in which this film is made is precisely what is wrong with the British film industry. Not a representation of it on the rise. Recycled, uninspiring material, destined to be garage bargin-bin filler that caters purely for the dim-minded. I could go on, but the review speaks volumes.

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    • showreel2

      Jul 6th 2012, 13:13


      Totally agree with Reece T1000 my friend paid 10 pound for this and now wants his money back. This is totally unfair on talent who don't get discovered. films like this, no wonder theres so much rubbish about. Poor script, wrong people playing hard peope, SIMON PHILLIPS i mean come on. but it wouldnt matter if Brad pitt was in it . the script is so weak. The cover is a con i think you see the same 2 seconds of him sitting in a football stand about 3 times and they repeat the same (rubbish) fight scene in the street obviously all shot on the same day. Rita what ever her name is shouldnt of been there. they expect you to feel the chemistry between her and what ever his name is and your supposed to care about them. CR AP dialogue, absolute rubbish, as if it was written in an hour by a goldfish i actually give it less than a star

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    • jamescoe

      May 13th 2013, 12:55


      I think there's nothing wrong with this film, it's a low budget so anything resembling a successful delivery should be celebrated. I don't think there's anything wrong with the script, directing, music or acting. To call this film embarrassing is very, very harsh. And Mark Kermode's review on another site, is, as always, c**p, getting stuck on one point and not talking about the positives of any part of the film. I wouldn't have cast Simon Phillips, because if the two leads grew up in the same neighbourhood, they wouldn't talk so differently. Plus the concept and tone aren't original, BUT, think about that - that's what most of the critics seem to have picked up on... how difficult do you think it is to make a film in the UK? It's impossible. Investors are only going to invest in something which they feel that they can recognise and is guaranteed, from the poster alone, to have people buy it, so don't be surprised that films like this which try to be at least a LITTLE different but mostly are stuck in a reliable british format. Come on the choice is limited to either period dramas or thugs n gangsters a lot of the time, through no fault of the filmmakers. Anyway, I think the writer-director Paul Tanter did a good job. Casting Simon Phillips was wrong, and some elements of the story didn't make sense, but overall a good job.

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