The Smurfs


The blue Belgian critters get the CGI treatment...

The Smurfs review

“I’m Papa Smurf. I have 99 sons and one daughter – nothing weird going on there...” sneers Hank Azaria’s wizard Gargamel at the start of Raja Gosnell’s (Scooby-Doo) CG/live-actioner based on Peyo’s Belgian cartoons.

There is something weird going on, not least the sexing up of Katy Perry-voiced Smurfette when the critters are transported from their village to New York.

Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays are underused as the real-lifers and with the Smurfs oddly forgettable the coast is clear for Azaria and sidekick kitty to nick the movie.

Diverting and weird, but harmless.

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    • ChrisWootton

      Aug 1st 2011, 15:33

      Wow, what an insightful review... what's it about?

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    • JDogg1982

      Aug 9th 2011, 20:32


      Watched this for a whopping 20 minutes(before walking out). About 19 minutes too long. Why oh why do studios make guff like this? Harrison Ford had the right idea when he ripped the head off Papa Smurf. I would happily give him the entrance fee to watch that over and over, rather than watch another minute of that pish!

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