The Truth About Love


Given the three-year break between this featherweight rom-com being completed and it arriving on our shores, you might be forgiven for thinking that even though it’s a UK production shot over here with a mostly British cast, it was somehow stuck at customs. Following a DVD-only release in the States, though, it’s cleared passport control and is free to enter our cinemas. A cause for celebration?

Nope. The Truth About Love was more likely held up because it’s a trite, pat, unsurprising piece of waffle about the complications between a husband and a wife (Jennifer Love Hewitt, pulling off a half-decent British accent) when their best friend sends her an anonymous Valentine’s card. Borrowed liberally from stock British elements (Dougray Scott’s character is restoring a boat! There’s a chase to stop a lover leaving!), there’s nothing new to enjoy here.


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: February 16th 2007

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