The Violent Kind


As stumbling and gory a film as the demons it portrays...

The Violent Kind review

The self-styled Butcher Brothers made promising 2006 DV horror The Hamiltons, so it’s good to see them graduate to the big screen. Or it would be if the results weren’t so clatteringly awful.

Switching genre like From Dusk Till Dawn minus any cinematic élan, The Violent Kind follows Cory Knauf and his biker buddies as they fight demonic possession, home invasion and, ultimately, some gobsmacking overacting from Joe Egender and his Manson family-style baddies.

Poorly scripted and confusingly plotted, it plays like a deranged demo reel.

Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 22nd 2011
  • Genre

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