The Wee Man


Dramatisation of the life of ex-gangster Paul Ferris

In his first feature since 2000's Love, Honour And Obey, writer/director Ray Burdis swaps comedy geezers for the real-life kind in this adaptation of the ex-gangster Paul Ferris’ memoirs.

A victimised child hardened by the Glaswegian underworld, Ferris (played in adulthood by Martin Compston) ends up under the wing of Arthur ‘The Godfather’ Thompson (Sleeping With The Enemy’s Patrick Bergin).

John Hannah, Denis Lawson and Rita Tushingham all memorably steal scenes but this brutal rise-to-infamy flick descends into a smug, profanitychoked endurance test.

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    • ticketyboo

      Jan 20th 2013, 1:55

      Total fiction. Absolute ego trip by a Rat disguised as a gangster. Ferris is a laughing stock in Glasgow. Those who made this film, should resign themselves to being seriously trashed. Utter nonsense of a script made up of Ferris's own mind.

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    • lisaheden

      Jan 21st 2013, 15:08

      how it happened..cant believe....just check

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