Titanic 3D


Does the 3D conversion add any depth?

The opening of James Cameron's record-smashing, gong-grabbing, arse-numbing event movie - Yanks looking for money making opportunities in a long-buried relic - feels ironic in light of this unashamedly cynical re-release.

The retro-fitted 3D creates a weird disconnect between actors and sets, making certain green-screen moments glaring.

It’s a needless distraction from what’s still a spectacularly impressive, emotionally wrenching epic. Leo and Kate give good doomed romance but it’s the human horror of the collision, botched evacuation and final sinking that devastates most.

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    • JDogg1982

      Apr 8th 2012, 20:01


      Well the film was awful when it came out and I think James Cameron needs a massive slap if he thinks the 3D in this is "as good as Avatar". No Jim it's awful. His films have taken a distinct nosedive since True Lies and this monstrosity needs stopped. Kind of like George Lucas. Power and money has gone to his head. Words cannot describe how much I am not looking forward to Avatar 2. Please Total Film save humanity and stop him!!!

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    • stephen234

      Apr 9th 2012, 2:57

      James Cameron is a hypocrite. He says that he doesn't like retro fitted 3D movies and then he brings out one of his own. I have to say that Avatar looked great, but I found myself bored quite a bit during the movie. Cameroon has become like Lucas, relying to much on CG and forgetting about a story that holds your interest during the movies running time. Movies with too much CG date very quickly.

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    • johnnyfirday

      Sep 17th 2012, 5:44

      Now that's what we call a true love story ...... Titanic is so close to my heart ..... i just love this movie no matter is this in 3d or 2 d or in 1 d

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