Toy Story 3D


It's Toy Story, but not as you know it

You shouldn’t really need an excuse to catch Toy Story on the big screen again. Should you be looking for one, though, there’s no denying 3D adds extra texture to Pixar’s seminal 1995 buddy movie, emphasising Buzz and Woody’s toy’s-eye- view of the world and the wide open spaces in which they find themselves after their accidental expulsion from Andy’s bedroom. It’s the depth of field you notice most, particularly in the scene where, in the wake of Buzz’s abortive attempt to launch himself into the air, we view his broken body from the top of Sid’s staircase.


While the climactic chase now comes with Woody’s face in your lap, however, it’s fair to say there’s no stand-out 3D set-piece on a par with Toy Story 2’s opening space battle (which looks incredible in stereoscope) or the dirigible dogfight in next week’s Up. Oh, and the dog still looks rubbish.

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