Two Or Three Things I Know About Her


Two Or Three Things I Know About Her signalled Jean-Luc Godard's shift away from ironic homages like Bande A Part  towards a more radical and politicised brand of film-making.

A day in the life of Parisian housewife/ occasional prostitute Juliette (Marina Vlady), its collection of scenes serves to illustrate the thesis of the narrator (Godard himself) that "one might say that to live in society is to live in a giant comic strip."

The characters directly address the camera, wondering about the limits of language as a descriptive tool and means of communication. Yet the plastic surface of Two Or Three Things, with its heavily saturated primary colours, is strikingly counterpointed by deep focus shots of the city being rebuilt. But, if the sociological analysis is pessimistic, then there are also moments - like a swirling cup of coffee transforming into the cosmos - of precious alchemy.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 6th 2001

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