A paraplegic millionaire befriends his carer in this French-language box office

Based on the real-life story of a Gallic millionaire paraplegic and his Arab-born carer, this culture-clash buddy movie is the most successful-ever French-language film at the global box office.

Nothing wrong with the turns by François Cluzet as the wheelchair-bound widower and comedian Omar Sy as the ex-prisoner from a tough Parisian banlieue.

But did the script really have to perpetuate such crass racial stereotypes?

No prizes for guessing which man loves dancing to Earth, Wind And Fire and which is the uptight individual who prefers Schubert but eventually learns to open up emotionally.

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    • badger86

      Sep 11th 2012, 12:54

      What a ridiculous review, it's a warm and touching film, and very very funny. The black guy likes disco, that's what the focus of your review is, seriously it's a point that is touched upon maybe twice. It seems like the reviewer is trying to find one thing to pounce upon in order to go against the consensus, that this is a great film. I'm also offended by this reviewers inability to distinguish between a paraplegic and a quadriplegic.

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    • Skins99

      Sep 11th 2012, 19:10

      While I haven't seen the movie yet, I am looking forward to seeing it and have heard nothing but good things about it. Also, having an 8.6 and being in the top 250 films on IMDB at number 75, I'm more inclined to side with the thousands of people who voted for it on there, than one reviewer who's 3 short paragraphs about the film didn't really offer much insight as to what meant it deserved only 2 stars other than one character likes disco and one is uptight.

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    • adrienlarripa

      Sep 12th 2012, 11:24

      It's funny to see how things are perceived from different cultures. In France, this movie had such a success precisely because for us, it never crossed the line of the stereotype. Omar Sy is a famous french actor (he is part of a very famous comic duo, and he won the Cesar for best actor for his performance in this movie), a very natural guy and his own background would never have made it possible for him to play any stereotype about the young guys living in the banlieue. There has been a lot of movies in french cinema painting the dark sides of the french youth living in the banlieues (La Haine from Mathieu Kassovitz being the main one), and having a character that is not shown as a young offender full of hatred, but more of a simple man trying to deal with a tough life with a huge sense of humor, is very refreshing. The fact that he is an ex-prisoner is barely mentioned in the movie (we only understand it when Philippe's brother comes to lecture him about his new friend and never hear about it again), and his taste for Earth, Wind & Fire is only an excuse for some nice dancing scenes, so focusing on this traduces how much the point of the movie was missed.

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    • phennessy

      Sep 12th 2012, 11:41

      As Badger86 has already said: what a ridiculous review. This is one of the best films I have seen in the past year. Brilliantly acted, surprisingly funny and a great story.

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    • timmyjay1

      Sep 30th 2012, 13:11

      Is that really Total Films review..............those few words. Good grief what is wrong with film critics. I thought Empire's two star review was bad but this is even worse. Does all of the Total Film crew agree with this? I personally loved this film but I think film critics are just dissing this film because they can. Are you really critiscising a film because the black guy likes Earth Wind and Fire? Really?????? Really Really?????? Perhaps the remake should have a rich black paraplegic who loves Schubert and the white carer who loves Earth Wind and Fire; of course that would be more realistic. I dont moan much; i appreciate that people will have different opinions but I think this review is so far removed from public opinion that Im starting to think that 'film critics' have got a vendetta against this film. I would love to know what the rest of the TF team thought? Untouchable was brilliant for me, its a story youve seen before but the vibrant and honest performances made for tender and laugh out loud moments. Im just flabbergasted at what im reading from critics...

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