Vidal Sassoon: The Movie


A fun if slightly over the top tribute to one of the world's most famous hair stylists

Vidal Sassoon review

This glossy hair-hagiography has the geometric style and swish of the iconic haircuts from the world’s most famous crimper, snipping archive footage to show his rise from East End orphanage boy to swinging ’60s mover and shaker. 

A celebration rather than a conventional documentary, its laudatory tone does wear thin – one interviewee even compares him to Einstein. 

The breathless account of Sassoon’s ’80s stint as hair-product mogul would have benefited from some September Issue-style detachment, and ironically, the whole film could do with a good trim. 

Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 20th 2011
  • Genre

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