Walking On Sunshine


Girls just wanna have fu-un…

The brain trust behind StreetDance adopts a trash-camp-meets-chick lit approach for this defiantly daft karaoke musical, which deploys ‘80s pop standards, Mamma Mia!-style, in its beachside tale of sisters (Hannah ‘Gemma’s sis’ Arterton and Annabel Scholey) not so much doing it for themselves as squabbling over the same Italian hunk.

There’s ample exuberance from the small-time cast (bar a wooden Leona Lewis), the song-and-dance numbers are no less amateurish thanMamma Mia!s and there’s even a horrified fascination in watching the film crowbar lyrics by Roxette, Wham! and Cher into its characters’ romantic toils. Hard to hate anything this self-consciously silly.

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    • matthewbrady

      Aug 5th 2014, 3:07


      Just like mamma mia were everybody in that movie couldn't sing at all, well in this film there was so good singers but some of them was a bit miss.

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