Ski-masked killer in Antarctica fails to generate heat.

Antarctica may be "the coldest land mass on the planet," but that doesn't prevent lone law-woman Kate Beckinsale stripping off within 10 minutes for an entirely gratuitous shower scene.

Good to see Dominic Sena – the man who got Halle Berry to unwrap her baps in Swordfish – hasn't lost his lad-mag instincts. After all, it takes ingenuity to show flesh in a place where a man without a coat is a popsicle in waiting.

Would that there was anything else to recommend this dull thriller, which sees Kate probe a McMurdo most foul at a South Pole research station connected to a Russian cargo plane that crashed into the ice half a century earlier.

Cue numerous gruesome crime scenes, a ski-masked killer and fisticuffs exchanged in blizzard conditions so fierce you can't tell who's fighting who. Poor Kate winds up losing two fingers to frostbite, along with a fair chunk of credibility.

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    • vanillasky

      Sep 21st 2009, 14:05


      I was eagerly awaiting this film and I was very dissappointed with it. It was boring apart from Kate Beckinsale in the shower. I knew the outcome halfway through and the fight scene was terrible. I was completely misled from the trailer which looked brilliant but did not turn out the way I expected. The director should have just shown Kate Beckinsale in the shower for 95 mins because it would have been far more entertaining than this pile of rubbish. Avoid.

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