You Again


Revenge is sickly-sweet…

Spotty high school zero Marni (Kristen Bell) suffers the usual teenage torments from the popular mean girls, led by cheerleader from hell Joanna (Cloverfield’s Odette Yustman).

Flash-forward a dozen years, and Marni has successfully buried her past to become a high-powered PR exec. The morally dubious Joanna, on the other hand, has become Marni’s brother’s (James Wolk) fiancée.

In any rational world, this would be nothing more than a slightly ironic twist but in You Again, it’s a veritable call to arms as Marni goes to great lengths to disrupt her brother’s nuptials and possibly his entire life, just to slake her thirst for teenage revenge.

When her mother Gail (Jamie Lee Curtis) realises that Joanna’s Aunt Ramona (Sigourney Weaver) is actually her aged teenage rival, the fur and punch bowls really start to fly.

Directed with bland efficiency by the typically family-friendly Andy Fickman (Race To Witch Mountain, The Game Plan), You Again never seems to find the tone it’s aiming for.

Dotting Bell’s face with teenage pimples and leaving her to perish under Yustman’s cheer-demon would suggest a pitch-black, cruel-school romp a la Heathers or Jawbreaker.

But most of the film’s running time is mired in standard romcom scenarios (Exhibit A: awkward wedding dinner). There’s also enough melodramatic yapping to leave anyone not dead-centre in You Again’s target audience wishing they’d settled on a funnier movie.

Its one saving grace is the up-for-it cast: Weaver and Curtis clearly relish their roles as life-long rivals, Yustman is a terrific monster, and there are some cheering, if not wildly surprising, cameos along the way.

Undemanding froth-seekers will likely enjoy the spry slapstick and gooey final act, but given the deadening inevitability of it all, You Again is actually the perfect title for this formulaic piece of faux-edgy fluff.


Game but clueless, You Again shoots for a girl-powered bad-taste comedy but lands closer to daytime soap opera with added pratfalls. Fitfully amusing, appealingly cast, utterly inconsequential.  

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    • SallySummers

      Nov 16th 2010, 20:53


      Honestly, I think the movie couldn't be dumber but Kristen is still Veronica Mars in my head and makes the movie watchable for me. She's cute.

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    • egipt

      Nov 29th 2010, 18:05


      The pre-publicity promised vast, Independence turcja Day-like spectacle, but this reined-in alien-invasion feature instead appears to be a canny piece of bet-hedging from the Strause brothers, being a functional B-movie that might tunezja wakacje someday be retooled as a pilot for the SyFy channel. A group of well-to-do twentysomethings, gathered in LA to discuss a business venture, are distracted from their Margaritas by bright blue lights descending from the sky – an advance party, it turns hiszpania wakacje out, for alien invaders who come to Hoover up unfortunate earthlings and unleash several kinds of tentacular mayhem grecja wakacje.

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    • Legacy3D

      Feb 9th 2011, 16:10


      The latest romantic comedy being released is You Again which features a star female cast including Kristen bell, Odette yustman, Jamie lee Curtis, Sigourney weaver and Betty white. The film begins with Marni (Bell) in high school, where she is always picked on and bulled by the other in her school including head cheerleader Joanna (yustman). 8 years later Marni, who has become very successful and left high school behind her and all that happened, meets Joanna again but this time it’s because she is marrying her brother. It is also revealed that marni mom (Curtis) after meeting Joanna's aunt Ramona (weaver) had the exact same thing happen to her from Ramona back when then where in high school. Over the course of the movie everyone tries to get along but old grudges soon begin to resurface. Despite having a star female cast this seems nothing new or different from many other romantic comedies out there, the storyline is quite predictable and for the most part there is a lack of humor which it really needs.

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