15 Storeys High: The Complete Series 1 & 2


Both series of stand-up comic Sean Lock’s agreeably bleak sitcom finally come together on DVD, and for those self-righteous cynics among us it’s a rare treat. Holed up in his decaying London tower-block flat, graceless loner Vince (Lock) has some peculiar quirks, including a tendency to recycle other people’s anecdotes and a hatred of being touched. Together with nice-but-dim flatmate Errol (Benedict Wong), Vince’s voyage of self-loathing cruises towards mental and social oblivion.

Rough-edged but subtly brilliant, this idiosyncratic look at life in Britain’s concrete jungles is unmissable. Extras-wise, there are a couple of episode commentaries per disc and a brief yet insightful Writing Of featurette. BEST BIT: Lifeguard Vince gets bullied by the hard local kids on the way home from work.


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