16 Blocks


Call it hair of the dog: a hungover copper (Bruce Willis, with a 16-pack) has to transport a mouthy witness (Mos Def) 16 blocks from the station house to the courthouse. What could go wrong? Lethal Weapon director Richard Donner’s flick presents itself as a lean, mean B-movie following in the skidmarks of Clint Eastwood vehicle The Gauntlet (1977). Shame, then, that it’s flabbier than Willis’ prosthetic paunch. True, Brucie totally nails his alcoholic rozzer – huffing, puffing and constantly mopping 100 percent-proof sweat from his brow – but Mos Def thinks acting consists of jabbering through his nostrils. It’s veeery annoooying. Eight blocks in, this slips into cardiac arrest with a time-out on a hijacked bus greenlighting some mushy buddy bonding. It’s all downhill from there – something not even the DVD’s allegedly “shocking” alternate ending (guess who buys the farm?) or reel of deleted scenes can fix. File and forget under non-Lethal Weapon.


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