A Decade Under The Influence


Do we really need another ode to '70s filmmaking? We do when it's this good...

Skillfully, thoroughly assembled, this scorching documentary chronicles how those infamous movie brats "assaulted" the "emptied whorehouse" that was Hollywood in the late '60s. Primed by European rulebreakers (Godard, Truffaut, Fellini) and sparked by socio-political unrest (civil rights, Vietnam, Watergate), their archaic sensibilities realigned Hollywood with a public long since tired of bloated epics and Doris Day.

Shrewdly leaving the snorting and fucking to Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, filmmakers Richard LaGravenese and the late Ted Demme find time to cast their net wide: for every Taxi Driver there's a Two-Lane Blacktop; for every Coppola there's a Haskell Wexler. And while the closing credits apologise for absentees, it's hard to imagine a two-hour doc being more comprehensive, more cogent, more captivating.

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