A Lizard In A Woman's Skin


Erotic, Horror-fiction is a bit of a slow mover...

Long unavailable in the UK, this London-shot ‘giallo’ is a disappointment. The premise, about a woman who dreams that she’s murdered her neighbour and realises it’s come true, is enticing, but it’ll take a patient viewer to stay the tortuous course to the denouement.

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    • stephenpearce

      Aug 26th 2014, 13:33


      I freely admit to not being one of Lucio Fulci biggest fans but "Woman in a Lizards skin"is,in my view,one of those rare things....A lucio Fulci film that does not suck. Sure the plot is not one of the best but the visual are great,the camerawork is fantastic and Ennio Morricone provides one of his finest italian horror film score. In short it is a far better film than just one star.

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