A Lonely Place To Die


Melissa George goes hiking

Eat your heart out Tom Cruise. So what if you scaled the world’s tallest building for M:I-4? Melissa George’s gutsy mountaineer shows just as much derring-do as she leaps from crag to cranny in this breathless thriller.

Along with Ed Speleers (Eragon), she’s chased by sniper kidnappers in the Scottish Highlands, which leads to all manner of impressive, gravity-defying scraps.

Equally impressive are this disc’s numerous extras, including a 70-minute Making Of and a look at director Julian Gilbey attempting to conquer alps The Matterhorn and The Eiger. Daring stuff.


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    • FBSHarrigan

      Mar 25th 2012, 15:52

      This movie is far more of a thriller and suspense film than an action movie. The stunts in Mission Impossible 4 are more impressive because the main character is a super spy; this leaves the film makers license to perform ridiculous stunts. A Lonely Place to Die features characters who are vulnerable, which makes the audience worry about the characters. Mission Impossible's Audience knows that Hunt is going to win the day because he is an action star. The stunts performed by the hikers in this film look a lot harder and are executed with far less finesse. This is because they are not trained secret agents or soldiers, this puts them in a far more vulnerable position. Both films are pretty good at what they do. It just does not seem accurate to judge the two on the same merits as they have different goals in mind. Even the trailers show different tones to entice different types of viewers.

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