A Mighty Heart


The stuffy extras on A Mighty Heart (an intro for the Pearl Foundation, save-our-journos featurette and a slick Making Of) are everything Michael Winterbottom’s unlikely collaboration with Brangelina isn’t. With Pitt producing, Jolie starring and a tear-yanking real-life tale, cynics might have expected a dressed-up, awards-craving TV movie. Instead, this manages to be both a thoughtful exploration of a different culture, a provocative look at government and journalism and a tender story of true love. Jolie is excellent as Mariane Pearl, clinging onto hope after her Wall Street Journal reporter husband, Daniel, is kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists. Only poor box office and tabloid focus have denied her an Oscar nom. She’s buttressed by Winterbottom’s intimate style and a fine supporting cast, in particular Archie Panjabi – as Mariane’s friend – and Irfan Khan’s cop: a picture of professionalism and decency.


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