A Mighty Wind


Spinal Tap's most creative graduate, Christopher Guest, leads his ensemble cast (Michael McKean, Eugene Levy, Harry Shearer) into a soft-touch mockumentary that threatens to savage the folk-music scene before gently licking its face. It tells of three formerly famous good-time bands and their preparations for a tribute concert to be held in honour of the late boss of their record label.

For `Mighty Wind' read `gentle breeze'. One problem is that the folk scene is too meek to be effectively parodied; the other is that Guest's movie, though charming, simply isn't big enough to contain the talents of its enviable cast. Fred Willard has most cause to feel sore, his mirthsome band manager being inexplicably sidelined.

Meanwhile, this particular Guest runs a very real risk of outstaying his welcome, Wind aping the now-tiring format of Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffman and Best In Show. Next time he'll need new speakers, sound turned to 11, or it's a safe bet the world will stop listening.

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