A Town Like Alice


American films of the ’50s have it easy, given that you can step into their world with barely a jolt. But Brit flicks from that era take more effort. It’s Brief Encounter Syndrome, modern audiences being freaked out by the characters’ ludicrous, dated stiff upper lips. So, when A Town Like Alice begins, you’re certain you’ll never empathise with Virginia McKenna and her fellow elocution school graduates as their Japanese captors death-march them across Burma. But, slowly, steadily, one of the finest of all Brit flicks draws the viewer into its tragedies and triumphs. By the close, even the most hardhearted class warrior’s are going to be sniffling. A lively Making Of doc neatly unpicks the production stories (chilly Pinewood subbed for sweltering Burma), but why have they braced it with a 1973 Russell Harty interview with Peter Finch and a 1987 Michael Aspel chat with McKenna? Neither mention the movie.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 7th 2006

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