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Grant's shallow, immature loner, Will, invents a son in order to prey upon yummy mummies in single parent groups across north London. Now anywhere else that's psycho-thriller fodder, butin Nick Hornbyville (land of the endearing but emotionally dyslexic male) it becomes one of the funniest British comedies for yonks.

Trendy haircut aside, Hugh clearly relishes playing the sarcastic, peacock-like Will and delivers a masterclass in caustic comic timing. This is largely due to his chemistry with Nicholas Hoult's 12-year-old Marcus. Providing a catalyst for Will's blossoming maturity, Hoult also shoulders much of the emotional weight of the film, allowing Grant to get on with the more enjoyable task of being a self-involved shit.

American Pie helmers Chris and Paul Weitz direct with pace and brio, whizzing through bullying, depression and suicide without upsetting the feelgood balance, and Badly Drawn Boy's soundtrack is a fittingly sunny yet mournful accompaniment. And let's not forget Rachel Weisz and Toni Collette - the first highly bonkable, the second simply bonkers.

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