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So Jack didn’t go home with a fourth Oscar. No matter: he’d already struck gold when he hooked up with Election director Alexander Payne. Undaunted by his star’s wattage, Payne elicits one of Nicholson’s finest autumn-years performances in this excellent black comedy.

Jack plays Warren Schmidt: a widower, retiree and rancorous old sod who’s determined to stop the confetti falling on his daughter (Hope Davis) and her mullet-sporting salesman fiancé (Dermot Mulroney). Refreshingly, Payne doesn’t work up to some big, popcorn-friendly redemption for his anti-hero. Instead he paints a portrait of Midwestern mores from which pathos sprouts at regular intervals. The laughs’ll bring tears to your eyes too – though you might want to avert them when Kathy Bates hits the hot tub…

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