Student Bartleby Gaines (Justin Long) – rejected from every university he applies to – goes to desperate measures to stop his parents from learning the disappointing truth. Along with his requisite geeky mate, Bartleby invents a college, South Harmon Institute of Technology (acronym jokes at the ready), creates an official-looking website and tarts up a disused hospital to look like a place of higher education. It doesn’t take long for other college failures to arrive for jolly japes and for the posh uni up the road to start playing dirty tricks. Thoroughly predictable and never laugh-out-loud, Accepted is nevertheless carried along by Long’s good-natured charm, a zippy running time and a couple of half decent gags – it’s brisk, dumb, instantly forgettable fun. So dispensable, in fact, that it has jack all extras. Which is unforgivable when it’s jostling against the generous extras available with American Pie and Just Friends.


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