Alain Delon Boxset


In French cinema, Alain Delon often seems like Catherine Deneuve’s male counterpart – beautiful, cool, remote. On top of that he displays a dangerous edge, as evidenced in his first starring role in 1960’s Plein Soleil, René Clément’s pre-Minghella adap of The Talented Mr Ripley. The actor’s disaffected persona also fitted him perfectly for L’Eclisse, the third in Antonioni’s trilogy of modern-day alienation. Sadly, Le Samouraï – in which Jean-Pierre Melville gave Delon his finest role as an impassive hitman – is not part of this collection. Delon does appear here as an obsessive cop in Un Flic – the director’s last movie – but it’s an uninvolving film, with both of them going through the motions. In Alain Jessua’s thriller Traitement De Choc, Delon’s the charming/sinister head of an unorthodox therapy centre. The filler of this five-film set is Jacques Deray’s Flic Story, with Delon as another zealous rozzer.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 25th 2007

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