Alfred Hitchcock: The Signature Collection


The half-dozen Hitchcocks in this collection offer at least two certifiable classics (Strangers On A Train, reviewed on page 144, and North By Northwest), two underrated works (Dial M For Murder, Stage Fright) and two examples of the great man at his most dark and serious (I, Confess and The Wrong Man). There's ample evidence too of such Hitchcockian staples as the everyman thrust into a situation beyond his control (Henry Fonda's unjustly accused musician in The Wrong Man or Montgomery Clift's compromised priest in I, Confess).

Throw in various cases of mistaken identity, the odd transference of guilt, fine examples of both Hitch's playful and subversive sides and, of course, his genius at (mis)direction and the result is rarely less than stellar.


Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 1st 2004

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