Alien Nation: The Complete Series


Hated. Feared. Mocked. Abused. That’s the grim fate of the benevolent group of aliens known as the Tectonese in this undeservedly short-lived TV spin-off from the 1988 sci-fi flick. Part futuristic cop show, part Sunday sermon, the small-screen Alien Nation tops its fun-but-lightweight inspiration by using the weekly investigations of ET-hating human cop Matt Sikes (Gary Graham) and his gentle alien partner George Francisco (Eric Pierpoint) as a springboard to examine culture clash.

Head writer/executive producer Kenneth Johnson discusses Alien Nation’s transformation from “Lethal Weapon with aliens” into a “societal drama” in his expert yak-track on the show’s opener. Sadly, the cast are only represented by a flimsy four-minute archive on-set report. Talk about discrimination.

BEST BIT George’s fight to prove his masculinity in the episode ‘Real Men’ leads to him giving birth. Ouch.


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