Along Came Polly


Love is... Premature ejaculation and diarrhoea if you're Ben Stiller. He plays Reuben, a retentive risk assessor who embarks on a hapless romance with free-spirited bohemian Polly (Jennifer Aniston). The set-up's classic screwball, but Along Came Polly never takes its odd-couple conceit to the max, leaving Stiller pressed against a comedy glass ceiling.

Having penned Meet The Parents and Zoolander, writer/director John Hamburg definitely knows how to use his leading schmuck but there's zero chemistry in this Ben'n'Jen pairing, despite their charming solo turns. Even a deluxe support cast - naked Hank Azaria, slick Alec Baldwin and doughy Philip Seymour Hoffman - can't stop this join-the-dots rom-com getting lost in the gaps, falling somewhere between scatological gross-out and funny affection. Result? Neither lewd enough, nor shrewd enough.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2004

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