Alpha Male


Those who reckon a baffling non-linear narrative can disguise a simple story will probably get the most out of this earnest Brit flick. Essentially a standard extended-family drama ramped up by a tricksy flashback-driven structure, Alpha Male revolves around the 21st birthday party of Jack Ferris (Mark Wells). A tortured rich-kid, Jack is estranged from his astonishingly patient mother Alice (Jennifer Ehle) following the death of his beloved father, Jim (Danny Huston), and Alice’s remarriage.

While it’s slow moving and slight in the plot department, first-time feature writer/director Dan Wilde excels in capturing a repressed atmosphere, and delivers moments of tangible pain and loss. He is ably helped by classy turns from a pedigree cast of familiar actors and future-stars-in-the-making (step forward Brit hotties Amelia Warner and Jemma Powell).


Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 22nd 2007

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