Keep watching the skies Billy Bob, keep watching the skies. Altered could be the redneck riposte to War Of The Worlds, its story kicking off with a bunch of hillbillies catching themselves an extra-terrestrial deep in the woods. Confining the action to an isolated shack somewhere in Dixie, it plays like an unlikely chamber piece: five actors and it.

Director Eduardo Sánchez, once one half of the team behind The Blair Witch Project, takes the courageously stupid decision to treat the proceedings like a serious drama (is he on crack?!). Meanwhile, a stuntman in a green rubber alien suit runs amok dribbling brown snot. It’s about as refined as a jam jar of moonshine – but you’ve gotta love a movie where an alien plays tug of war with a wounded man’s intestines (“Can’t fix this with duct-tape”). No extras, so bring pizza and a six-pack of XXXX to enjoy this X-File.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 26th 2006

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