American Dad Season 2


It’s a sad fact that few, if any, of the 2.4 children in most sitcom families are funny. In Seth MacFarlane’s cartoon satire, however, neither is the mum, the gay alien or the Nazi goldfish. Thankfully, our hero – bum-chinned CIA op Stan (MacFarlane) – is enough to compensate. Especially after a faceful of mace: “My eyes!” he screams, hitting the door (“My back!”), the radio (“‘My Sharona!’”) and the telly (“My Best Friend’s Wedding!”). Meanwhile, the frat and fart gags blur with political sideswipes and date rape-themed wrongness to just about keep pace with Futurama, Family Guy and The Simpsons. The extras weigh in with 110 – yes, one-one-zero – deleted scenes, four featurettes and commentaries for each episode.


Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 28th 2007

User Reviews

    • skullkassidy

      Mar 13th 2009, 22:51


      LIES!!! American Dad is funnier, punchier and smartest than Family Guy, The Simpsons or any of it's other contenders. Stan rules, but all the charactors have their own quirks which make the show well rounded.

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