American Dad! Season One


Unless you're the sort of person who considers a pre-midnight bedtime to be for wimps, chances are you won't have stumbled upon BBC2's sporadic showings of American Dad! - the latest hilarious, satirical and downright rude cartoon sitcom from Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane. Now available on DVD with hit-and-miss "I don't have anything to say about this part" commentaries on each episode, this makes light of absolutely everything. From terrorism to racism: you name it, it's harangued - the Smith clan are the Simpsons for the George W era. They are patriotic CIA agent dad Stan, homemaker mum Francine, liberal daughter Hayley, geeky son Steve, Area 51-escaped alien Roger and Klaus the German goldfish. How to get your wife into real estate? Put her rival in Guantanamo. The best potato salad? Use alien breast milk, of course. Frequently brilliant, rarely anything less than insightful, and exactly the sort of programme that people must latch onto right away before some berk decides to axe it.

BEST BIT Stan to a pissed-off Francine, "Why can't you take a page from that bitch Hillary Clinton and let it go?"


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  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 24th 2006

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    • skullkassidy

      Mar 13th 2009, 22:49


      Hell yeah ...funniest show ever ...puts Family Guy and The Simpsons to shame!

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