American Gothic: The Complete Series


The creepiest TV show since Twin Peaks? Damn right. Tragically mistreated by studio execs, who massacred the show at the end of its debut season? Hell, yeah. A tale about a small-town Sheriff who's actually the Devil? Erm, perhaps. Excuse Lounge's vagueness, but if, as is revealed on American Gothic's commentary, it took creator Shaun Cassidy 10 years to even entertain that idea, then how the hell are we supposed to know?

What we are certain of is that the Sam Raimi-produced series remains engagingly bizarre, with a father/son Dark Side-seduction theme saturated in the macabre and more head-bothering mystery than Lost. Despite a superb cast headed by 13-year-old Lucas Black (last seen in Jarhead) and a charismatic Gary Cole, neither is present in the extras - all you get are a few deleted scenes and the yak-track.

BEST BIT Any time the sultry-voiced Selena Coombs (Brenda Bakke), Cole's concubine, opens her mouth.

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