An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder


In which Lounge Guest Ed and occasional filmmaker Kevin Smith does an impromptu stand-up routine – with no socks on – and takes questions from fans. Some – but not many – of them are women. Some – but not many of them – don’t look like the comic-book guy from The Simpsons.

But that’s okay. The Lounge man is a sharp-witted, funny, often filthy ambassador for his Home Entertainment section. And he swears at a midget – while being careful to sneak in some screenwriting advice (“Dude, just fuckin’ finish it!”)

But, split into two sections (Canada and London) it’s over three hours long. So you really, really have to like Kevin Smith. If you think he’s just a big fat, sweaty, sockless man who lucked out by shooting a cheap film where his mates swear a lot and talk about oral sex, and you don’t think he’s worth half an hour of your time – let alone an evening... Why the hell did you read so far into this review?


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