Arrested Development: Season Two


"I've got an idea - why don't you fucking fire your marketing team? After five motherfucking Emmys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors, Writers, Directors and Producers Guild awards, and every critic's Top Ten list, just maybe the problem doesn't lie with the show!"

So declares cast member David Cross in a particularly satisfying rant at the end of the blooper reel on this three-disc set. As narrator Ron Howard might declare, boy, does he have a point...

Sadly, the funniest show on television appears to be proving too complicated, too smart and simply too much effort for mainstream telly viewers. Thank the Lord, then, for DVD, where it can live in perpetuity. If you're not already a convert, pick up both seasons immediately and thank us later for introducing you to the Bluth family: American, rich and utterly incapable of functioning as normal human beings.


Whether the second season's breathtakingly delicious stupidity is enough to save the show remains to be seen. Still, in the words of George Bluth Il (Will Arnett): "My brother wasn't optimistic it could be done... but I wouldn't take 'not optimistic it could be done' for an answer!"

BEST BIT Tobias takes a close-up of his own genitalia using his camera phone. Naturally, the US military mistake the blurry image for a map revealing the whereabouts of WMDs.

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