As Tears Go By


Made in 1988, the debut feature from 2046 maestro Wong Kar-Wai was intended to be the first part of an urban crime trilogy. Thankfully, the director never pursued this thread, as Tears's tale of a grown-up gangster's (Andy Lau) friendship with a younger, cockier variant (Jacky Cheung) plays a little too obviously like Mean Streets via John Woo. Its punchy direction lends it clout, though, and the visual coups hit a giddy climax in a lovesick sequence that blossoms from an outrageously gaudy juke-box to a fabulous cover of Berlin's 'Take My Breath Away'. Largely generic stuff, but the swooning romanticism of Wong's later work is taking seed here.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 24th 2005

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